Europe for Seniors Travel

1.  Avoid the queues and pre-book with museums and galleries direct online or via a tour company like Viator.

2.  Avoid European Summer and you will avoid the crowds.  If you are retired or semi-retired or can travel when you like,  why travel with the hoards?  Europe in the Spring, Autumn and Winter is magical.  Summer is HOT and crowded.

3.  Look out for Earlybird aifare deals with airlines from October each year.  You will save lots.

4.  Always book and pay for your rail pass before you leave home.  You will save a lot of money.  Check out Rail Europe Australia

5.  Eat and drink the local fare - you will also save lots of money!

6.  Take a water bottle and fill it up along the way.  I have been to some European cities and paid up to $15 for a bottle of water!

7.  Travelling on trains overnight will save you a night in a hotel.

8.  Consider staying in hostels.  No longer just for ‘youth’,  hostels these days very often come with single or double rooms with your own bathroom.  You no longer need to share a room with 7 others…

9.  If you are going to be carrying your own luggage around, consider traveling with hand luggage only.  This is especially so if you plan on independent travel for all or even some of your trip.  Even more so if traveling    solo. Taking your bags on and off trains is hard and tiresome.

10.  If you plan on staying for a while, have you considered a home exchange?  You will save a huge amount of money.  Home exchange is becoming more and more popular.  For in-depth information, go to Home Exchange

11.  Many museums and galleries are closed on Mondays.  If you are on limited time, check your days before you go.

12.  Look out for pick pockets and thieves.  Be aware of your luggage, money and valuables.  They are common, particularly in crowded places

User submitted comments

Jonathan Murray

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:05am

Enjoy the thrill of reading about traveling in Europe. Would love some more tipe about Winter travel to the continent.

Bronwyn White

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:17pm

Hi Jonathan
That’s a great idea, look out for some tips in the near future.  I have been a few times in the Winter and I love it!


Posted: 02 Dec 2010 9:43pm

Hi! I can talk about my country in winter.
Italy is a very complete country, we have alps in the north if you like skiing, wine in most of the region, for examble, mine TUSCANY is a perfect destination to combine art, fistory, great food and wine!
Rome, Venice,Florence no need to be introduced, it might rain, but you could arrange a visit at one of the worldwide famous museums (Uffizi Gallery for example!)Naples and Amalfi coast and don’t forget the wonderful Palermo in Sicily (honestly very HOT in summer! Let me know if you decide to come!

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