Independent singles

New waves of senior backpackers are travelling along side the traditional pre-university student. You can decide to travel solo or you may choose to meet a travel companion online at the travel forum.

As with touring, traveling as an independent single has its pros and cons:


  1. The world is your oyster as far as flexibility goes – do what you want, when you want

  2. You can be more open to meeting new people. You are more likely to strike up conversation or make an effort on getting to know others than if you travel with someone

  3. You have the final say on your itinerary – 5 star, budget or a bit of both

  4. Sleep in! No early starts if you don’t want them

  5. The experience can often be quite empowering


  1. Eating out alone the first few times may be a bit uncomfortable, but take a book. And don’t let travelling solo stop you from eating out

  2. The dreaded single supplement. We can whine all we want, but it is unfortunately a fact of life

  3. No-one to ‘wow’ with or share the experience when you see those Pyramids for the first time

  4. Taking photos

  5. It does get lonely sometimes on long trips

User submitted comments


Posted: 30 Sep 2009 11:41am

I love the idea of being able to decide when I wish to start my day. As I am not an early riser I find conducted tours no holiday as Im up earlier than if I was at home.

Lyndall Davis

Posted: 20 Dec 2009 2:45pm

I often travel by myself for extended periods, but I usually meet up with various friends in different places for a week or so before striking out again by myself.
I never take a book to a restaurant when eating alone unless it’s a Lonely Planet guidebook so I can plan my next part of my trip, but I do find this a very convenient time to write out those postcards to people back at home who are not computer savvy. I usually find the meal arrives well before I have finished writing.

Jo Ann

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 7:29pm

As I have lived many years on my own,felt very wary, at first of venturing independently. Now I really enjoy travel to various locations,and as an active over 60 grin, meeting people from all walks of life

What I have found is the helpfulness, respect and encouragement by the majority of the ‘younger generation’ to be inspiring.


Posted: 30 Apr 2010 8:54pm

Jo, you are a true inspiration to us all!


Posted: 06 May 2011 9:54pm

I love travelling alone and find that even if you join a group and everyone else is a couple, it really doesn’t matter.  I met some of the loveliest people on my recent tour in Egypt.


Posted: 07 Sep 2011 8:47am

Hi There
Well I have just come back from a trip to Europe as a single traveller. It is not what I really choose as at times it can be lonely and there is no one to share your stories with.
It is good as you meet many people of all different walks of life and do what you want to do.
I am certainly interested in cruises,tours for 55+ singles.
Have you any ideas?

Bronwyn White

Posted: 07 Sep 2011 9:05am

Hey Joy,

We have a cruise going in November, click the below link.  Thanks Bron


Posted: 07 Sep 2011 2:03pm

Not suitable at this time ,what about New Years Eve.

Lou Davis

Posted: 27 Nov 2011 4:54pm

I am over 55, single, and have decided I would like to travel although not totally on my own.I would like to go on a cruise sometime in 2012 and
would love to meet a group of people in similar situation.



Posted: 27 Nov 2011 6:24pm

Hi Lou

I see what you mean, It would be just nice to know that there was some company if needed,to share some stories.  Although on the cruise I was on this year there were about 8 singles men & Women some were travelling together but others were travelling alone. Uniworld do waiver single supplement on some of there cruises,which I took up the offer and I found them great to travel with. What is your location ?


Posted: 28 Nov 2011 7:29pm

Hi Joy,

Thanks for your info, I shall check out Uniworld. I am in Adelaide and as you may have gathered, a novice at this at present.


Posted: 27 Mar 2012 9:54pm

I too am very new to this, 55+ travelling as a newly single, but really want to break out and give it a go - a cruise or something similar.  I like the idea of there being a loose kind of ‘group’ of similar single seniors. Bit of ‘security’. I remember as a 20 year old back packing and meeting an ‘amazing’ 64 year old lady back packer in S. America - so impressed with her, never realising that could be me one day! - And why not…

Eddie Davies

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 9:31pm

Hi i am a young 65 year old i am single and would like to take a crouse in 012 .it will be my first and i would like a companion

Anthony Quinn

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 2:02pm

Hi i am 62 years young i am single and have been touring a bit in 2010 went to the United Kingdom and Europe with my sister.
August / September I spent 9 weeks starting in Dallas then San Fransisco New York Las Vegas Los Angeles and San Diego this trip i did on my own the only joint tour part was 14days East Coast America and Canada.
This August 2012 i am going to Alasla, Canada and the state of Montana duration about 80 days
Next year I would like to travel to the South east coast of America
If anyone about my age is interested i could do with some company


Posted: 02 Apr 2012 1:39pm

Hi I am 61 (female) and planning on doing a walking tour in either Italy (Tuscany) or France around September next year.  If anyone would be interested in coming along I would love to hear from you.


Posted: 28 Jul 2012 10:16am

Am looking to ‘escape’ for Christmas this year, am looking for a travel partner,maybe a short cruise, there are a couple of approx 10 day cruise leaving 18/12/2012. Any takers?! I am in Perth Thanks

Anthony Quinn

Posted: 28 Jul 2012 8:52pm

Hi Fran
on the 5th of August 2012 I am of to Alasla Canada & Montana for 14 weeks a cruise in December sounds great.
I have already booked to go back to the USA in April 2013 for 10 weeks a cruise sounds great I would like to find a cruise that departs Freo & and returns Freo if you have a cruise in mine email me and we can meet & great some time.
my email address on travelling is
anthonyquinn66 @yahoo
Feel free to email me
The traveller


Posted: 31 Jul 2012 1:56pm

Sorry I should have stipulated in my ad that I am looking for a ‘female’ to share....all the best...Anthony....Fran


Posted: 14 Aug 2012 6:32pm

Did you find someone to go on a cruise with?  I am also in Perth?


Posted: 15 Aug 2012 9:28am

Hi Ruth,
No I haven’t. Am interested in going on the ‘Athena’ 12 days from 18/12/2012 (Xmas period) leaving from Freo, going to Bali and return. Twin share it would cost $2,350 all up.Does this interest you......I live sor....and you?
Cheers Fran

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